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Parent Teacher Association (PTA)


Making a difference through fundraising for our school.


Beauclerc PTA has the aim of providing the school and children with many of the essentials and extras that would otherwise not be available from the annual school budget.


All parents and carers with children at Beauclerc are automatically members of the PTA, which is also a registered charity. Our function is mainly fundraising, but at Beauclerc we believe that it is also important to nurture and entertain our children through arranging social and fun events.


The PTA can only successfully run with the voluntary help of parents and carers alike.


How can I support the PTA?


You can support us in lots of different ways, such as:


  • Get to know your PTA by coming along to our meetings (contact us via our email below)
  • Give a small amount, regularly, via our online platform and Gift Aid it
  • Use easyfundraising to raise free donations when shopping online. Ask anyone you know with a business to sign up to raise donations on bulk business purchases such as stationery and other office essentials, travel and accommodation. Don’t forget to reach out to family, friends and colleagues and ask them to get onboard too.
  • Join our school lottery for a chance to win £25,000 each week!
  • Keep an eye on your class WhatsApp groups (where news and information about events and activities are shared) and partake in and/or help run the events and activities, like our cake sales, movie nights or fairs (see 'What events and activities do you run' below)
  • Pop anonymous feedback or suggestions into the PTA box in the office foyer
  • Donate raffle or tombola prizes when requested, e.g. for the Christmas fair 
  • Provide support to the PTA if you have specific skills or talents (in fundraising or social media management, for example) - see 'How can I help out on the PTA' below
  • Ask your employer if they take part in matched giving (some employers do this to increase engagement by matching the funds employees raise through charitable activities to support the causes close to their hearts)
  • Donate outgrown second hand uniform and buy items during our uniform sales


How much do you raise?


Every academic year we try and raise £10,000, although the student intake at the school is now slighter smaller than previous years. We have decided to keep this a 'stretch goal' and do our very best as a new committee to chase it.


Overall, fundraising projects in 2022/23 generated income of £9,261.01.


For more information about the events we ran and the money we raised in previous years, see the reports in the 'Documents' section below.


In 2022/23 we held a Christmas fair and disco, snack-bag sales, mother's day boxes, after school film nights and the annual summer fair.


How is the money spent?


We always try to respond when asked to help the school.


Here are some of the major items funded by the PTA over the last few years:



What did we buy?
Who for?
What are the benefits?
Replaced the blinds in the school hallAll the childrenImproved the usability of the hall during school hours and for events.

New Chromebook laptops

30 children Significantly improved the IT provision within the school, which was both dated and very limited
Replaced school stock of reading booksAll the childrenNew, exciting, fun books help children fall in love with reading – hugely important for their early years learning and development.
Installed touch whiteboardsOne in each classroomClever technology to support teachers and learning at all stages of education and across all areas of the curriculum.
Transformed playgroundAll the childrenKeeps the children healthy, promoting social interaction, developing self-confidence.


We also provide those 'little extras' that make school memorable, such as Easter eggs, gifts for the leavers each year and new joiners book bags!! We have recently donated to the school’s Fun Day for the end of term, where the children participated in a Circus Skills workshop!


This year, we're working on a big investment to provide new equipment for 'open-ended play', plus funding some other additional refurbishments to Beauclerc's facilities. More on this soon.


Who are the PTA committee and contacts?


If you would like to get in touch to raise any issues or ask any questions, please contact us.


The current core committee are:


  • Our Co-Chairs are Amy Wagner and Chris Roos, who are the Mum and Dad of Freya in Dolphin class. Both work in technology as their full-time day jobs.
  • Our Secretary is Kirsty Barber who is Mum to Izzy in Dolphin class and spends part of her time looking after a toddler and the part as Head of Drama at a local secondary school. 
  • Our Treasurer is Andrew Bravington who is a Dad of Thomas in Dragonfly class. 
  • Our Teacher Reps are Mrs Chapman and Miss McGrath who you can see here


More people are needed to run a successful and profitable PTA than just the core committee and we are always looking for lots of lovely, kind helpers. The more people become involved, the more we can achieve and the easier things are!


When do you meet?


We try and meet roughly every month, sometimes every fortnight when events are approaching, either by zoom or in person in a local venue. Please check the school newsletter for the next PTA meeting date or check the latest minutes (at the bottom of this page) or on the notice board near the school foyer. The meetings are very informal and there’s no obligation to commit to anything.


As well as these regular meetings, we have the AGM (annual general meeting) where we discuss how we did last year and agree on committee posts for the forthcoming year.


Every September, a new parents’ evening gives new parents a chance to come and meet other new parents and find out about the PTA.


What events and activities do you run?


In the past the PTA has run events and activities including the following:


  • Grounds development days
  • Guy Fawkes sponsored games
  • Christmas Fair
  • Christmas family disco
  • After school cake sales
  • After school film nights
  • Race night
  • Sponsored fun runs
  • Summer Fair
  • Family Summer BBQ
  • Mothers Day shop


Keep up to date on what’s going on, via our class reps and/or look out for emails and posters.


How can I help out on the PTA?


While the committee is responsible for the day to day running of the PTA, it would not be able to function without the help of parents who are not on the committee but provide their time and skills to help out on individual events.


If you decide not to join the committee, you can still attend meetings and share fundraising ideas or input on spending decisions. If you cannot attend meetings then you can volunteer your time to help out at any event.


You can find more information about joining the committee or helping out, in our video (see below), however, in a nutshell:


  • It is a great way to get to know other parents
  • It gives you a voice in how the school operates
  • You get to learn more about the inner workings of your child’s school
  • It makes you an excellent role model for your children
  • It helps build a community
  • It makes your child’s school even more brilliant!


Need we go on!


If you would like to get in touch to volunteer, raise any issues or ask any questions, please contact us at beauclercsunburyPTA@gmail.com

PTA video

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Important PTA documents (meeting notes, newsletters etc.)


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