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Autumn 1 – Who Am I?

Welcome to Bumblebee Class! Whether you were here last year or just starting this year, we are excited to have you learning with us. This week we were very busy settling into being at school and being very busy in the classroom. Our first question of the year is ‘Who Am I?’. This is where we will be thinking about ourselves, our families and the people around us. We will be having a think about what makes us all special and we will be taking turns with sharing the ‘All About Me’ books that we gave you before summer or on your home visit. We are all very excited to get you know you all!

This week in Bumblebee Class we have continued to start to understand who we are by sharing our ‘All about Me’ books. We have share our favourite toys, and books while also learning about our families. The book this week was ‘Happy to be Me’ and we thought about all the reasons why we were happy to be ourselves. One of the biggest reasons the children wanted to share was that they are happy they have a big heart to love their mummy and daddy! All the children worked really hard on making their self-portrait choosing what shapes and colours to use. We were also lucky to have a dragon ball workshop where the children worked together to pass the ball.

This week we were busy reading ‘So Much’ by Trish Cooke, thinking about how our own families show us love and what it is like to be a baby. We made our guess who baby book and all had a go at cutting our pictures and sticking them in. Thank you to everyone who sent in a photo of their family and baby photos, it has really helped the children’s learning.

This week we have read ‘My Mum and Dad make me Laugh’ by Nick Sharratt. When reading this we have also been reflecting on our own family and who is important to us. This week we started our celebration of Black History Month by finding out who Lauren James is and how she has made a contribution to her teams in football. The children loved watching her score and help with many goals! In mathematics we have been looking at colour and colour mixing. We have been doing some lovely mark making when mixing our colours to see what we can find. We have started to think about our emotions by exploring the colour monster and thinking about how we feel.

Here are some pictures from the children's iPad!

This week we have read ‘Happy in Our Skin’ by Fran Manushkin. We thought about how we are all unique and special and have a place in the world. In mathematics we have been exploring shapes and what we can make with the shapes by building and printing. This week in PSED, we have been thinking about how we can be a good friend. To celebrate Black History Month this week we have been learning about Mary Seacole and learning about what she did to help others. We all took turns to be doctors and nurses in our play and to make lots of shape pictures. With the weather changing we also worked on taking our shoes on and off while using our welly boots, while exploring the wet weather!

This week we Melissa's Octopus and Other Unsuitable Pets by Charlotte Voake. We then had a look at our own pets and thought about why they are much more suitable to have at home. In mathematics we have been looking at matching two objects together. We then had a go at creating our own pets by using lots of different materials. To do this we read one of our favourite books ‘Monkey Puzzle’ and then we matched together the mummy and baby animals .We also did lots of sorting with the colour bears and the natural resources that we found on our nature hunt. This week we also took our first trip to the library where we had a chance to look at different books before having a class story. This week we also spoke about why brushing teeth is really important. To celebrate Black History Month this week we have been learning about Maggie Aderin-Pocock and the impact that she had to science in space.

This week we also had lots of practice singing our harvest song. Thank you to those who were able to donate some food we enjoyed Father Andrew assembly and sang along with lots of songs.


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