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How is the money spent?

We always try to respond when asked to help the school.


Here are some of the major items funded by the PTA over the last few years:



What did we buy?

Who for?

What are the benefits?

Replaced the blinds in the school hall

All the children

Improved the usability of the hall during school hours and for events.

New Chromebook laptops

30 children 

Significantly improved the IT provision within the school, which was both dated and very limited

Replaced school stock of reading books

All the children

New, exciting, fun books help children fall in love with reading – hugely important for their early years learning and development.

Installed touch whiteboards

One in each classroom

Clever technology to support teachers and learning at all stages of education and across all areas of the curriculum.

Transformed playground

All the children

Keeps the children healthy, promoting social interaction, developing self-confidence.


We also provide those 'little extras' that make school memorable, such as Easter eggs, gifts for the leavers each year and new joiners book bags!! 


This year, we're working on a big investment to provide new equipment for 'open-ended play', plus funding some other additional refurbishments to Beauclerc's facilities. More on this soon.

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