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Summer Term 2 - Do you like to be beside the seaside?

Week 1 – This week has been very busy settling back into school after half term. We have started a new topic ‘Do you like to be beside the seaside?’ and have started by reading ‘sally and the Limpet’. We explored what creatures you find in a rock pool. In mathematics we recapped shape and number, and in phonics learnt the sounds v and y. We also played with a lot of water to stay nice and cool when it got very hot!

Week 2 – This week we have been busy reading ‘The Rainbow Fish’ and designing our own fish by bringing different materials together. It was very hot, so we explored playing with water in different ways to keep ourselves cool. In mathematics we looked at time, and we started to think and talk about what happens in our own day and if it happens in the morning, middle of the day, afternoon or night. We also had a fabulous workshop where the children got to be in a fairy-tale.

Week 3 – This week we have been busy bumblebees by learning why it is important to keep the sea clean by reading ‘The Undersea Cleaning Spree’ we worked on our squeezing motion to be able to pick all the rubbish out of the sea. In mathematics we looked at capacity by playing with the sand to make containers, full, half and empty. In phonics our N2 children learnt the ‘x’ sound and our first special friend ‘sh’. We did a lot of exercise as we had a lot of time to practice for our sports day which is happening next week!

Week 4 – This week we were super busy learning about seahorses! We read Mister Seahorse by Eric Carle, and learnt that the daddy seahorse carries the baby eggs around in his pouch till they are big enough to go! We have done a lot of sports day practice again ready for Wednesday 5th July. In Mathematics we were talking about positional language and we went on a bear hunt! We loved reading ‘We’re Going on a Bear Hunt’ while doing lots of actions. We also went on a bear hunt outside where we had to go over, in and around equipment. When it rained on Thursday, we found a lot of snails, nearly 50 of them, we made sure they were nice and safe in the mini beast area, away from any stomping feet.

Week 5 – This week have had our running shoes on for sports day. Thank you for all of those who came to support Bumblebee Class. Our book this week was ’The Tickly Octopus’, and we carried on talking about what lives in the sea. We also spoke about how we get our fish fingers and how they start as part of a life cycle of a wish. In mathematics we have been recapping our learning on numbers 1-5.

Week 6 – This week was very busy practicing for our Graduation for our oldest children going to big school next year. We celebrated all of our hard work throughout the year and sang some lovely songs. When the rest of the school were at sports day, we tip-toed around the school and took over the classrooms!

Week 7 - This week we had a lot of fun enjoying our last week of being in Bumblebee Class! We had a mini festival where we had a bubble party, ice cream and made chips using our own potatoes that we grew! Well done to all the children who have worked incredibly hard this year. We are VERY proud of you all. And to the children who are coming back in September, we cannot wait till you come back and we can start it all again!

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