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Spring 2 - Shall we blast off in a rocket to space?

This week has been a very exciting week as we start our new topic ‘Shall we blast off in a rocket to space?’. We have started to think about what we already know about space and what we want to learn. It has been wonderful to start Read, Write, Inc. this week with the letter sounds M and A. Bumblebee Class has been incredibly engaged and have loved having a go at writing their new letters. In Mathematics we recapped everything we know about weighing and patterns.

This week we have been looking up at the stars when reading ‘Look Up’. We have explored what a meteor shower is and how big and small the rocks that fall come space can be. In phonics we looked at the sounds S and D. In mathematics we have been looking at measuring height and length. Bumblebee class had a great time measuring with rulers and metre sticks, they even created their own rulers. Our understanding the world focus has been thinking about what some people are doing to planet earth and how it makes us feel.

This week we read ‘Aliens Love Underpants’, the children were able to design their own underpants, and while doing so we took this time to reflect on Pantosaurus and the rules on how to keep safe. In phonics we learnt the sounds t and i. in mathematics we recapped what we know about the number 1. This week we were busy looking at art work from Kandinsky, and thinking about how it made us feel while also making our own versions of his artwork using circles and practicing drawing lines with a ruler. We LOVED dressing up for world book day and sharing stories that we love. We went to the hall in the morning to have a fashion show, and in the afternoon read book with the older children. We hope you all enjoy mother’s day, the children worked really hard on the cards that they made you.

This week we read Oliver Jeffers ‘The Way Back Home’. We thought about how the boy and the Martian met and they were scared at first but then they helped each other. In Mathematics we looked at the number 2 and explored the different ways to make it. This week was super busy doing another World Book Day and our very exciting Space day for science week! We did lots of exploring and investigating and were very busy building our own rockets and sending them to the moon. We also had a very special science week assembly by a parent in year 2, we got to learn about and see real Newts!

This week we have been busy learning lots of facts about space. Did you know the sun is our nearest star? Did you know what while we have one moon, some planets have zero or more than one? This week we got back into phonics learning the sounds n and p. In mathematics we learnt all about the number 3.

This week we got arty to make items for the gallery. We looked at the artists Jeff Koons, Monet, and Van Gogh. We learnt the sounds g and o in phonics, and in mathematics we looked at the number 4. We have done lots of Easter prep and lots of investigating over what we think happened to our flowers. We finished the week off with an exciting rhyming Easter egg hunt!

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