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Our Learning

Welcome to Whale Class!

This half term, our big question is:

Where in the world would I take Beegu?


Week 1: 

Last week, we found out that during the Christmas holidays, a spaceship had crash landed in Sunbury! The police even had to be called! From there, we thought carefully about who or what may have landed and we met our character Beegu. We wrote questions, using a question matrix to support our vocabulary and thought about what we would teach Beegu and where we would take her. We drew a story map to sequence our Beegu story and we made our own alien characters to take us through our learning journey! In History, we travelled back in time with Beegu and we met Edward the Confessor! We learned about the 4 different contenders to the throne after Edward died. We debated who should become King and used role play to persuade others! We are looking forward to seeing where our learning takes us next! 


Week 2:


Wow what a week in Whales! We have been so busy, time has flown!

In maths we have continued learning about multiplication. We have explored how to use arrays and have shown our learning partners how multiplication can be shown as equal groups.

In English we have been focusing on Beegu. Beegu is lost and we have been trying to help find her by creating our own posters using adjectives to describe what she looks like.

In Geography and History we are discovering landmarks in London. We used maps and co-ordinates to locate parks and famous buildings before researching the Tower of London. We were all shocked to learn that Queen Elizabeth I was imprisoned there by her very own sister! We were interested by the story behind the ravens of the tower. Ask the children what will happen if they leave.

We are looking forward to next week and continuing on with all our learning. Don’t forget our ‘Royal’ dress up day next Friday (21st January).




Last half term our big question was:

How has history shaped our capital city?


Last half term we learned about three significant events that happened to London during the 1600s; The Gunpowder Plot, The Great Plague and The Great Fire of London.

We used maps and first hand accounts to follow the events. We used role play to explore how Guy Fawkes plotted and thought carefully about the sequence of events. We hot seated characters and wrote diary entries and letters.

We had many things to look forward to in this topic as we created a class assembly which was enjoyed by all. We also had a day of an interactive workshop where we made candles, plaques, scent bags and did some weaving. We thought carefully about materials of houses during The Great Fire and used junk materials to build our own houses.

We made comparisons between The Great Plague and life as we know it today and explored how far we have come in keeping people safe. 


We wrote warning tales and thought carefully about warning signs, why they are used and what they are used for. We used the story of The Selfish Giant to help us structure our own texts. We enjoyed the excitement and suspense of this genre!


Take a look at some of our pictures from last half term!



Last half term our big question was:

Would a dinosaur make a good pet?


Last half term we were learning about the world's oceans and continents. We took a dive into the past and discovered how the world's continents were once a large super continent - Pangea.

In Science learned about animal adaptations. We applied our learning to designing our own dinosaurs in different habitats. 

In English we used the text 'Harry and the Bucketful of Dinosaurs' to plan and write our very own stories. 

In Maths, we worked on securing our knowledge on number whilst working with tens and ones and using lots of equipment!

We went on a trip to Chennestone to attend a dinosaur workshop! We dug for fossils like real life palaeontologists and researched our findings. After lunch we met a terrifyingly friendly dinosaur called Sophie!

We received a very important package from the Natural History Museum... it contained a baby dinosaur egg! We had to follow their instructions to look after it carefully and then we wrote our own instructions to help others to look after a baby dinosaur egg too! We had a very smelly delivery from Lisa White in the USA... we had to put on gloves to have a real dig around!  (we ended up needing to use our knowledge of carnivores, herbivores and omnivores)surprise

It's been a fantastic half term and we've been so inspired we've even started our own fossil museum in the school playground!