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Who are our real life super heroes?

The BIG Question: Who are our real life superheroes?

We all know about the famous superheroes with special powers! We also know that some superheroes do not wear capes but uniforms like doctors, nurses, firemen. However, our history in the UK is full of heroes that made a difference on how we lived today. This term we will be studying great heroes of our past: Grace Darling was a true inspiration and we will find out the true significance of this event on lifeboat crews today.  We will also learn about Emmeline Pankhurst and Emily Davidson, women who change the world for us today.




Week 1

Welcome back Ladybird Class - Our last term in Year 1!


This week in maths we have been introducing turns and linking back to our previous learning of fractions using quarters and halves. In English our new text is based on Oliver Jeffers - 'Lost and Found'. We have drawn out our story map following the Talk4Writing. 


This week we have also completed our Phonic Screening Assessments the children did a great job! We are super proud of everyone of them!  


In history, we started by thinking about what does it mean to be a super hero? We used our background knowledge to think about what we know and what we would ask a super-hero if we met them. We were introduced to Grace Darling, we questioned what her life was like in the 1800s and how it was different to how we live today. We investigated by looking at a photo and saying how her and her family lived. We were shocked that there was no electric ...and...NO IPADS! surprise


We revisited and our learning of plants.  We used what we had learnt to plant some vegetables for school fair next Saturday 18th June. We created advertising posters to sell these vegetables at our fair.



Week 2


We have been really busy this week in Ladybird Class. Most of our mornings were taken up by a reading and maths end of year quizzes! The children were amazing and all tried their best!


In English, we finished reading 'Lost and Found' and have spoken about all the different parts of a story. We found some 'lost toys' and created labels for the toys. On our labels we used, adjectives, verbs, nouns and even some prepositions.  


In maths, we finished our unit on position and direction. We learned our left from our right and learned how to give directions.


In geography, we went on a adventure on a sea plane! We strapped ourselves in and flew around the UK looking of the seas surrounding us. We used Google Earth to locate the different seas. Then, we explored atlases and found the correct map to help us label a map to name the seas surrounding the UK.


In history, we have continued learning about Grace Darling. We asked: What made Grace Darling famous? Why is she known? What did she do? We are really enjoying  learning about her story, and how she went down in history as a heroine for her courage and bravery! 


I would also like to say a big 'Thank You' to the PTA for organising an incredible Summer Fair! It was lovely to see all of you that could make it!