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Spring 1 Learning

This half Term our Big Question is

'Why is there a commotion in the ocean?'


Week 1

It was so nice to welcome back all of Dragonfly Class this week. It was lovely to hear all about their Christmas holidays and share our celebrations with each other. Of course the children were very excited about telling us what they got for Christmas so we spent a lot of time this week writing thank you letters for the children's most favourite gifts. They worked so hard and did such an amazing job using their sounds and writing independently.


During Maths this week the children have been enjoying a bean bag game. The children were learning the different ways to make 5 while recording how many socks (we didn't have been bags) they could throw into their hoop and how many landed outside the hoop. The children focused on recording their findings using a tally chart. The children discussed 1 more and 1 less and enjoyed singing the nursery rhyme 5 currant buns in the bakers shop. We learnt how to count backwards and how to predict what will be 1 less without counting by looking at numbers on the number line.


Dragonfly Class were introduced to their new big question. We listened to some under the sea music and discussed what we thought we might find in the ocean. We talked about what the word 'commotion' means and explored a tuff spot tray filled with under the sea animals. The children thought carefully about their own questions and what they wanted to learn about under the sea. Each child wrote their own question using question words. We will try to answer all these questions while on our learning journey this half term.


Week 2

Dragonfly Class arrived at school Monday morning to receive a letter from Rainbow Fish. Rainbow Fish wanted to ask for our help, should they share their scales? Well Dragonfly Class had so many amazing ideas, they were so helpful to the Rainbow Fish. They each wrote a letter back to Rainbow Fish explaining what they thought was the right thing to do. Some children thought it was very important for Rainbow Fish to share but some children thought Rainbow Fish was so beautiful and they should stay looking beautiful. We had some very interesting ideas. I hope Rainbow Fish found them very helpful.


In maths Dragonfly Class have been learning all about equal and unequal groups. They have been sharing objects between two groups to make them equal and have the same number and to make them unequal so they have a different amount. The children were then encouraged to decide who had more and who had less. We have also been using the language altogether when finding the total of two groups and even three groups. The children have been counting how many objects altogether. 


During PE Dragonfly Class explored how weather might cause a commotion in the ocean. We learnt about the changes in the weather and how this may cause changes in the ocean. We used a parachute and enjoyed parachute games while exploring small waves and very large waves. We decided that a thunderstorm could really cause a commotion!


Dragonfly Class were introduced to Information books and Non Fiction books. We used a range of books to find out about a range of sea creatures. We were able to learn lots of interesting facts about a range of interesting sea creatures. We were also able to use this information to help us to create some beautiful paper plate jelly fish, pastel drawings of sea creatures and some amazing ocean paintings on foil.


Wow! What a week!!!!!!



Week 3

In Maths this week we have been continuing to learn how to find out 'how many altogether'. We have been adding sets of objects together to find the total. The children have been adding not just two groups together but 3 groups together too! They have been counting sets of objects up to and beyond 10 consistently and confidently. Also this week we have been developing our knowledge and understanding of how to use balance scales. We have been weighing objects to find things which are light and things which are heavy. We have been reinforcing the vocabulary heavier and lighter whilst weighing some of our favourite toys.


This week we have started our story map for Rainbow Fish. During Talk for Writing we have been learning the story of Rainbow Fish using our story map to help us. Once we have finished learning the story we will begin to 'innovate' the story adding our own ideas to make interesting and exciting changes.


Throughout the week Dragonfly Class have been learning about the weather. They have been using information books and the internet to learn about the weather, how it changes and how it creates changes to the environment. The children experienced being 'Real Scientists', they have been making rain catchers, exploring ice and melting ice and experimenting with rain clouds. It has been a great week full of exciting investigations.


During music and PE the children have been listening to 'Carnival of the Animals' and in particular we have been enjoying the 'Aquarium'. The children have been drawing pictures in response to listening to the music and creating dance movements while exploring under the creatures. 


Week 4

This week in maths Dragonfly Class have been learning about capacity. The children have been exploring filling and emptying a range of different containers. We have been investigating which containers hold the most water and which containers hold the least amount of water. We have been using the vocabulary full, empty, more and less during our exploration. The children have been using small containers to fill larger containers and answering questions such as how many cups does it take to fill up the bowl? How many spoons of water will I need to fill up the jug? Will I use more spoons to fill the bowl? How many big spoons will I need? how many little spoons will I need?


During the week we enjoyed a story 'Outside my Window'. The children were encouraged to think carefully about what they could see through their window either at school or at home? We discussed the environment which was visible as well as the weather and the seasons. On a nature walk the children took photos and recorded short videos to show signs of Winter and the beginning of Spring. Some of us have even made a weather report explaining what we thought the weather was going to be like all around the world. Using a globe and a map of the world the children have been identifying different countries which are surrounded by the oceans. It has been amazing to have so many photos sent in of the different countries Dragonfly Class have visited and the wonderful landmarks we have seen. We are currently creating a display to show where in the world we have been.


In Talk 4 Writing we have continued to draw our whole class story map for the story of Rainbow Fish. We have also been learning about the importance of sharing just like Rainbow Fish did with his scales. The children in Dragonfly Class have all now drawn and decorated their own scale and they have given these to Rainbow Fish. We have created a very beautiful Rainbow Fish by sharing our scales between us. 


Dragonfly Class have been continuing their science investigations this week, we have been investigating floating and sinking. We have been exploring a number of objects, predicting which might float and sink before adding them to our water tray. The children were encouraged to use the vocabulary float and sink, floating and sinking throughout their investigation. 


It has been another amazing week in Dragonfly Class. We hope you enjoy the slide show below.


Week 4

All of the photographs which appear in the slide show have been taken by the children in Dragonfly Class.

Dragonfly Class Weather and Seasons walk

Please use the link below to watch some of our weather reports.

Week 5

What another amazing week it has been in Dragonfly Class. We have all had so much fun. 

In maths we have been learning about the composition of the numbers 6, 7 and 8. The children have been learning that there are many different ways of making 6, 7 and 8. They have been counting the spots on a ladybird to find the total before recording the different ways they can make each number. We have learnt that we can have two groups of objects which make the same total. 3 and 3, 2 and 4, 1 and 5, they all total 6. Why not have a go at home to see how many different ways you can make a number.


In Talk for Writing this week the children have been innovating the story of 'Rainbow Fish'. In groups the children were able to tell the Rainbow Fish story with a twist. They changed the characters and they changed the object which the character was asked to share. We had some amazing stories, a shark who wouldn't share his teeth and a jellyfish who wouldn't share his sting! Next week the children will be writing their own stories. I wonder what character they will choose?


On Tuesday we celebrated Chinese New Year. We learnt about how Chinese New Year was celebrated and we even tasted some Chinese food. Thank you to Josie and Neela who helped to teach us about the celebration. They were amazing at sharing their own experiences. Thank you to Josie and her family who gave each child in Dragonfly Class a red envelope with a coin in. All of the children were so excited, such a lovely way to let us all share in the celebrations. 


In science we have continued our learning of floating and sinking. The children were asked to design and make a boat which would float on the water. The children explored a variety of materials including recyclable materials and plasticine. The children created some great boats. 


In preparation for our trip to the London Aquarium Dragonfly Class have been using information books and the internet to continue to learn facts about a range of sea creatures. We are currently creating our very own class information book about sea creatures, we are very excited to share it with you next week.


Throughout the week Dragonfly Class have been engaged in some great free learning. This has included some great adventures while causing a 'Commotion in the Ocean'. We hope you enjoy the photographs below.

Chinese New Year celebrations

Free Learning causing a 'Commotion in the Ocean'

Use the link below to listen to some of our Talk for Writing stories.

Kandinsky 'Sea Battle'

Dragonfly Class have been looking at the painting Sea Battle by the famous artist Kandinsky. Here are some of your own Kandinsky paintings.

Week 6


Well Dragonfly Class certainly finished this half term with a bang! We are all so very proud of the children who were able to join us on our trip to the London Aquarium. The children all showed resilience and outstanding behaviour throughout the day. We really couldn't have asked any more of them and we all had such a fantastic day. The photographs below are a little insight into our day, the photographs were taken by the children.


This week in maths the children have been learning about pairs, we have been pairing children, cars, sticks, leaves and lots of other objects. We have been learning how to pair equally and learning what happens when we have an unequal number of objects. 


During Talk for Writing the children have been using their knowledge of Rainbow Fish to write their own story, innovating independently, changing the characters and the object which the character needs to share. They worked so hard and produced some amazing stories. Their independent writing skills are brilliant, all the children are now using their sounds to sound out the word which they are writing. Maybe you could ask your child to tell you their story.


After our trip to Sea Life Dragonfly Class drew such beautiful pictures of their favourite sea creature which they saw during the day. All the children then had a go at writing a fact about their sea creature. We have all learnt so many amazing facts, we were even able to produce our very own class information book all about sea creatures.


I can not stress enough how proud we are of all the children in Dragonfly Class.They have continued to work so hard this half term, embracing their learning and continually surprising us with their interest, excitement and knowledge. We hope you have a lovely half term and we look forward to seeing you for our next big question 'Who is the best Traditional Tale character?

'Sea Life' Our favourite bits.

Children's Mental Health and Well Being Week - Time for some Yoga

Thank you for all the lovely photos. Dragonfly Class have caused a commotion all over the world!

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