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Our Learning

Autumn 1 - Week 3 

Whale class have had another great week of getting stuck into our Year 2 learning journey! 

In History, we found out all about the Mesozoic Era! We now know that this is the name for the period of time that the dinosaurs were alive until they become extinct. The children discovered that the Mesozoic Era was split into three periods; the Triassic Period, Jurassic Period and the Cretaceous Period. The children used their learning abour the periods to create timelines, featuring the dinosaurs that roamed the earth during that period and what Earth looked like then. 

In Science, we continued our learning on living things and their habitats. The children sorted living things, things that once lived and things that were never alive. We had some amazing conversations and discussions, especially about whether a wooden chair was once alive or has never been alive. Whale class then found out what makes something a living thing. 

We are thoroughly enjoying our dinosaur topic and are looking forward to another great week!

Autumn 1 - Week 2 


We have had another fantastic week with Whale Class! They have continued to do a great job of settling into the class routines quickly. 

The children have enjoyed working with a range of resources during maths, to support their learning on place value. We have used base 10, string beads, tens and ones counters and place value charts. The children have been introduced to partitioning numbers into different combinations of tens and ones - for example 34 is 3 tens and 4 ones, 2 tens and 14 ones or 1 ten and 24 ones. We will continue to work on this next week. 

In English, we created missing posters for Big Bird. We gathered adjectives to describe Big Bird, then use these to write sentences about him. 

In PE, we have been playing invasion games and learning about nutrition. We discussed what a balanced diet meant and thought about what foods groups we should consume the most of. 


Have a lovely weekend and we look forward to welcoming Whale Class back on Tuesday!

Autumn 1 - Week 1 


What a excellent start to our time in Whale Class! We have loved having the children back to school and it seems the children have loved being back too, even if they were very tired by the end of the week!

Whale Class have been busy finding out about their new topic: Would a dinosaur make a good pet? The children found about the dinosaur egg that was discovered at our school, Mrs Mulhall has decided she wants to keep it as a pet! The children also got to see CCTV footage of an enormous, 2 legged, green visitor we had over the summer holidays. 


In English, we have watched the video For the Birds. We have linked the video into class discussions about anti-bullying and being a kind friend. The children wrote a letter to the little birds, as Big Bird, sharing how his feelings were hurt and gave them suggestions about what they should have done instead. 


We are looking forward to another exciting week next week!