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Spring 1 - Would you like to go on a journey?

Week 1 – Welcome back to Bumblebee Class! This week was a very short week and we have just been settling back in school life.

This week our story was ‘Naughty Bus’, we looked at images of Sunbury and our capital city London. We built tall buildings and retold the story of that cheeky bus! We started to look at maps and started to think about how we could travel around Sunbury and into London. In Mathmatics, we started to think about the patterns we can see all around us, and used our eyes to hunt for patterns around the environment.

This week we flew to the continent of Africa where we explored what animals live there and what patterns they have. Our book this week was ‘The Ugly Five’ and we compared the images in the book to the real animals and if we thought they really were ugly. In Mathematics we have been looking at repeating patterns, the children worked really hard to finish some patterns and to create their own patterns. We have also been outside exploring the icy weather, making sure to remember that we wear our coats, hats, gloves and scarfs to keep nice and warm.

This week we had a VERY exciting workshop with Rebound Fitness. The children LOVED bouncing up and down with the music. Bumblebee Class did so well to follow to the amazing instructor.

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This week we have read ‘Poles Apart’ where we discovered that polar bears and penguins do not live together. We have been busy exploring habitats, building igloos with the blocks, painting the Northern Lights with marbles, and learning about the number 1. In phonics we have been busy creating different types of vocal sounds.

This week we took a journey to the South American rainforest. We explored what animals live there and what the habitat looks and sounds like. This week we looked at our friends special places and thought about how we travel there by using maps and the pictures you provided. In mathematics we moved onto the number two. Our class bears Bodhi, Bella, and Bertie all went on holiday this week, and luckily we know where they are as they have sent us some postcards. We were so excited that we wrote some back to them about what we have been up to in class.

This week we also had a special number day this week! We loved seeing all the outfits and can't wait to do it all again on Tuesday!

This week we took a trip over to Asia to explore China. We learnt about the Chinese New Year, which some people refer to as Lunar New Year. We also explored the wildlife which china is famous for their giant and red panda bears, and big stripy tigers! In mathematics we have been weighing our toys. We have been comparing what we have in the classroom to see if they are bigger or smaller than each other. It was lovely seeing everyone’s number day costumes on Tuesday, and we tested our number and pattern knowledge. We also took part in internet safety day this week, where we thought about the rules from our book of ‘Stop, Close, and Tell’. We hope that Bumblebee class will remember this when accessing games and the internet at home.

Watch some of Bumblebee Class practicing their silly soup song!

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