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Autumn 1

As Geographers, can we find out what makes our local area special?

Week 1


This week we have thoroughly enjoyed welcoming the children into Dolphin class. They have settled into their new routines and have adjusted to year 1 brilliantly. 


We have had a very busy week as the children have started their first unit in English where they will be writing about a little boy called Max based off of our new class book ‘Super-Duper You’ by Sophy Henn. So far in English we have practiced our handwriting and created a picture map to help us remember our new story. 


In maths, the children have really impressed us with their counting skills! We started off with sorting different objects depending on shape, size and colour. We then moved onto counting objects and then started to challenge ourselves by counting on from any given number.


In science, Dolphin class have started learning about the different seasons, in particular autumn. They have learnt about the changes that occur in autumn such as shorter days, falling leaves and cooler weather... usually!  We went on a walk around the school grounds and collected autumnal leaves that had fallen to the ground and created our very own autumn pictures outside. 


We hope you have a lovely weekend and look forward to welcoming you all back on Monday! 

Week 2


What another great week we had in Year 1, we are extremely proud of how well they have settled into year 1 routines.

In English, we continued to use our class text 'Super Duper You'. This week we have started to look at verbs and adjectives and using them correctly in our sentences.


In Maths, we have continued looking at place value within 10. We began the week with counting objects from a larger group, before moving to looking at representing objects and recognising numbers as words and finishing the week with being able to count on from any given number within 10.


In science, we looked at the different body parts. We then drew an outline of our bodies before labelling them using the different body parts.


In PSHE, we looked at the rights and responsibilities of being a member of our class. We discussed how we learn best and how we can help others to learn in our classroom.


In geography, we looked at the difference between rural and urban areas. We looked at spotting the difference in photos before deciding if they were rural or urban.


In D&T the children's creative work continued as they used joining methods to put their two felt puppet templates together and we look forward to decorating and finishing them next week.


Thank you so much to anyone who came to the curriculum meeting on Wednesday, it was so lovely to see so many faces! If you were not able to attend the slides used in the meeting can be found on the class page.

Week 3


What another fantastic week we have had in year 1! The children are becoming more and more settled into their routines each day and we are very proud of them! 


This week in English the children have worked very hard on writing, editing and publishing their first pieces of independent work! We have also started to look at our next unit in English which will be descriptive writing.


In Maths the children have been counting 1 more and 1 less. To help with this they have used their counting skills up to 10 and back from 10. 


We had a very exciting computing lesson this week where the children were able to use the Chromebooks. They had a go at logging into PurpleMash and were able to explore some of the programmes. They also changed their avatar and background too!  


Have a lovely weekend. We look forward to seeing you back on Monday :) 

Week 4

Another great week put down in Year 1.  

In English, we continued to look closely at adjectives as we will be writing a descriptive piece of writing. We used different images and collected adjectives that we coulld use in our writing.


In Maths, we continued to look at place value within 10. We started the week by comparing groups by matching, then we moved to fewer, more or same. We also started to compare numbers using both the symbols (<,>,=) and the words less than, greater than and equal to. Lastly we ended the week by looking at the numberline and being able to correctly fill in the missing numbers on a number line to 10.


In geography, we looked at maps and the importance of maps. We looked at Ordance Survey Maps in particular and the symbols that are on those maps.


On Thursday we were fortunate to have Dogs Trust come and speak to us. We learnt more about dogs and how to be safe around them. We learnt the rule 'be safe, be kind' when it comes to looking after our furry friends.


Week 5


What another fantastic week in year 1.  In maths the children have been working extremely hard on part whole models. They have been using various manipulatives to help their learning and have looked at creating number sentences by adding both parts to make the whole. In English we have been continuing our work on our descriptive writing. We have been innovating our text though the use of adjectives and prepositions. We also had a great oracy lesson where the children used adjectives and preposition in their dialogue as they pretended to walk around the walled garden. 


This week in DT we have also finished making our puppets. We added embellishments such as eyes and buttons using various joining methods, we practiced in our first lesson and we will evaluate our products next week.


We have also had a great computing lesson this week. The children continued getting used to PurpleMash as they practiced logging in and navigating around the site.  They created a picture of the walled garden on the 2paint programme and also completed a science quiz! 


Each child has their own purplemash login at the back of their reading diary's so feel free to login and have a go at home!


Have a fantastic weekend 🙂

Week 6


This week in maths we continued looking at addition and subtraction within 10. We looked closely at creating fact families and number bonds to 10. We had great fun using the different manipulatives this week to help us with our maths learning.


In English, we continued to use our senses in helping us to describe the Walled Garden in Sunbury. We then completed our hot write which is an independent piece of writing, we then edited our hot write checking spellings and punctuation. Lastly, we wrote our edited stories onto boarded paper which you will see on the windows of the classroom – feel free to read year ones fantastic writing.


As it is Black History month, we looked closely at Alesha Dixon. We learnt lots of interesting facts about this singer, dancer, judge and author. We also had a go at tracing and drawing Alesha Dixon and we used oil pastels to colour these portraits in.


Next week:

  • We will be allergy awareness week and will be having a guest speaker in on Monday 16th to speak to and raise awareness of what having an allergy means.
  • On Tuesday we will be having our harvest assembly and any food donations would be welcomed!
  • We will also be having a spooky cake sale on Thursday 19th October and would be very grateful if you could donate or buy a cake J


Have a lovely weekend and see you all Monday!

Have a lovely break and see you all Monday 30th November 2023.

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