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Summer 1 - Where does our food come from?

The BIG Question: Where does our food come from?

As we go on this learning journey we will discover where our food comes from.  We will be looking at the different seasons, planting and harvesting in the UK. As well as this, we will be identifying and looking at the food sources available from our seas.



Week 1

What a fantastic first week back we have had in Ladybirds this week! Ladybirds came back and settled back into our class routines after our break.

In English, we started our new unit 'Wombat goes Walkabout'. We completed our cold task, writing an adventure story. These were fantastic and the children had some amazing ideas. We also drew our story map and thought of actions to help us to remember the story. We looked at using adjectives in our writing and challenged ourselves by using conjunctions. On Friday, we broke into different groups before acting out the story to our class mates.

In Maths, we finished looking at measuring. We looked at comparing volume before measuring and comparing capacity. We enjoyed this measurement unit and had lots of fun doing this practically.

In computing, we looked at how to be safe online. We reminded ourselves on how to be safe online and what to do if we are unsure about something.

In DT, we looked at fruit and vegetables. We sorted the fruit and vegetables into hoops. The children looked and investigated different pieces of fruit and vegetables before deciding which hoop they should be placed in. The children wrote on whiteboards if they were fruit or vegetables and then shared their ideas with the class. We then tasted small pieces of different fruit and vegetables starting with fruit and vegetables that are commonly confused.

Week 2

This week in Ladybird Class, we have had a very busy week with lots of visitors!

The children took part in the FRED Experience workshop. They learnt about looking after their minds and bodies. We as a class learnt that FRED stands for Food, Rest, Exercise and Devices and how each of these things can effect us and our mental health. 

Jamie Knight, an amazing freestyle footballer, visited on Wednesday and taught the children some amazing tricks. Jamie showed the whole school his skills, he then took each class for a workshop where the children learnt to spin the ball on their finger, how to do the around the world trick and many more! 

On Friday, the children had an amazing time taking part in the TCS Mini Marathon. The children ran around the school, passing through bubble machines, a hi-five station and a sprint zone. All the children thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

Week 3

We had a short but busy this week in Ladybirds! 

In English, we finished our innovated text and did our independent writing task.

In maths, we started looking at equal and unequal groups. We looked at what makes an equal group and how we can share objects into equal groups. We also looked at how to make unequal group equal groups.

In science, we looked at the difference between garden plants and wild plants. We looked at how garden plants are planted by humans and wild plants are not. We looked at how wind helps to disperse seeds which help wild plants grow.

In geography, we looked some more at the weather. We watched a weather forecast and chotted the language used in a weather report. We then wrote a script for our weather forecast and we will be recording our forecasts on Tuesday.

In RE, we have continued our learning on Judaism. We looked closely at the Torah and how this scared book is kept in an ark and how a Yad is used to read the Torah. We then made our own Torah.

Week 4


In English, we started to look at a leaflets. We identified the features of a good leaflet while looking at our model text. We then drew out our model text and started to look at persuasive language.

In Maths, we finsihed our multiplication and division unit and we will be looking at fractions. 

In science, we continued looking at plants. We looked at the different trees in our school and looked at their leaves. We then discussed if they were coniferous or deciduous trees and why.

Week 5

In English, we continued to look at leaflets and persuasive language. We have started to innovate our text and we are innovating our model text to a leaflet about the school fair at Beauclerc.

In maths, we have started looking at fractions. We looked at recognising and finding half of an shape before looking at recognising and finding half of a quantity.

In DT, we tasted fruits and vegetables and Ladybirds described their appearance, smell and taste. We then made a choice as a class as to what smoothie we will make.


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