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Autumn 1 - Is there room on the broom for the Gruffalo?

Week 1


Wow what an excellent start to our time in Ladybird Class! We have loved having the children back to school and it seems the children have loved being back too, even if they were very tired by the end of the week!

Ladybird Class have been busy finding out about their new topic: Is there room on the broom for the Gruffalo?. 

In maths, we looked at the different ways to sort objects. We sorted the objects by size, shape and colour. We looked at the animation "For The Birds" as a stimulus to start some great retrieval skills and discussions in our English lessons.

In science, we learnt about what seasons fit with each month and made our own season wheel. This was great fun and we also looked at the 'Season song' on Youtube.

In music, we started to follow our Charanga scheme and we began looking at our first song which is called "Hey You"! We started looking at different ways to keep the pulse of a song.

This week we learned that unfortunately Queen Elizabteh passed. To commemorate her life we discussed the Queen in class and watched a video of her life.


Week 2

We have had another fantastic week with Ladybird Class! They have continued to do a great job of settling into the class routines quickly. 


The children have enjoyed working with a range of resources during maths, to support their learning on place value. We have used counters, teddy bears, numbers lines and dice. The children have been introduced to one more and one less before moving onto counting backwards from 10. We will continue to work on this next week before moving to comparing objects.

In English, we wrote sentences about our favourite Julia Donaldson books. We wrote about why we picked this book and what the book was about.

In PSHE, we discussed friendships. We used circle time to discuss what makes someone a good friend and we also discussed different ways to show that we can be a good friend.

In DT, we looked at puppets. We used the characters from Julia Donaldsons books to draw our own puppets. Next week, we will look at the different materials we can use to make our puppets.

In PE, we looked at different ways to move a ball with our body.

In computing, we looked at online safety. We used the story of Smartie the Penguin to refesh our memory on how we can be safe online.

Have a lovely weekend and we look forward to welcoming Ladybirds back on Tuesday!

Week 3

In English, we put on our acting hats and we went on a guided tour of a forest and found an unexpected object. After finding the unexpected item, which turned out to be a piano, we created a list of questions to get more information about where this piano came from. We then started gathering vocab before writing a sentence for our adventure story.

In maths, we continued looking at place value. We looked at comparing groups by matching and using mathematical vocab such as fewer, more and same. We continued to use a wide range of resources in our maths lessons to support our learning in place value.

In science, we started looking at hibernation. We read the story 'Hibernation Station' by Michelle Meadows after discussing what we thought hibernation is. We will be continuing to look at hibernation next week in science.

In PSHE, we looked at how we behave in school. We recapped friendships before discussing how we can be our best learners in school.


We are also very excited to go on our school trip to Chessington World of Adventures!



Week 4

What a week it has been! 


This week, Ladybird Class started off comparing objects and numbers in Maths using the ‘greater than’ and ‘less than’ symbols.

We also continued to do some excellent writing in English using lots of adjectives and time adverbials based on our book 'The Bear and the Piano'. 

Due to the very unfortunate event of a tree falling at Beauclerc, it meant that the children spent a day at Chennestone. We were all so impressed by how the children adapted quickly and they were fantastic. Whilst we were at Chennestone, we continued our learning and we practised a new life skill. The children learned to sew puppets. 


Have a lovely weekend and see you all on Monday!

Week 5

What another exciting week! In maths we introduced the number line. We looked at number lines and number tracks. We also started looking at whole part models.

In English, we are still learning to write sentences for an adventure story. We looked at using the suffix 'er' and 'ing' in our sentences.

 We started our geography unit and  we completed our KWL grids on maps. We then looked at a map and discussed what a human and physical feature is.

In computing, we learnt how to log onto purple mash using the Chromebooks. We also looked at some important vocabulary that we need to know when using the Chromebooks.

We have also worked extremely hard on our handwriting this week. We have been practising how to sit and hold our pencils at the table and our letter formation

The most exciting thing that happened Ladybirds this week was our educational trip to Chessington World of Adventures. What an Adventure we had! It was a jam-packed day visiting the Julia Donaldson themes attractions. We also enjoyed going to the Chessington educational room, here we had a workshop lead by  a Zookeeper. This workshop linked with our current learning in science. At this workshop we learned to recognise and describe features of animals and their habitats. We also learned about how animals have adapted in their habitats..

Week 6

In English, we have continued reading and writing about 'The Bear and the Piano'. We looked at repetition and the power of three.  We wrote some super sentences about how the Bear played to an audience every night. We also used drama this week acting out the audience reaction to the bear playing the piano.

In maths, we continued to look at whole part models before moving on to number sentences. We used different manipulatives to help us with writing our number sentences.

In science, we looked at animals and their diets. We looked at what animals are herbivores, carnivores and omnivores. We then put the animals into the correct groups before writing about our favourite animal and its diet.

In geography, we continued to look at maps. We used a map of Sunbury and Beauclerc and we looked at what a key is. We then walked around our playground and drew a map and a key of our playground.


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