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Our Learning- Spring 2

Spring 2 - Week 6


This week Penguin have had a very busy week of learning! The children applied all of their learning on the features of fact files to create their very about Tim Peake. They included some great fun facts and found out that Tim completed the 2016 London marathon on a treadmill from the International Space Station. 


In design and technology, the children completed their moving monsters. They worked really hard to create effective linkages and all designed really unique monsters! Penguin class have also been busy creating Easter gardens in RE. They explored the nature garden in school to find natural materials to create a cross to represent Jesus' crucifixion, a tomb to represent Jesus' resurrection and flowers to represent new life. 


This week we have also had our explorer workshop! The children met Nick Credible who was very impressed on the children's knowledge of Amelia Earhart, Bessie Coleman, Edmund Hillary, Tenzing Norgay and Tim Peake. Nick Credible taught the children about the polar regions and other explorers such as Robert Peary and Dr Frederick Cooke who both claimed to have been the first people to reach the North Pole. He also explained how Inuits keep alive against the elements and the children were given the fantastic opportunity to explore various artefacts. The workshop finished with a very important message that anyone can be an explorer, regardless of gender and ethnicity!


Penguin class have had a fantastic spring term!

Enjoy the break :-)  


Spring 2 - Week 5 


This week in Penguin Class, we have had an amazing week of learning! The children have loved learning about mass, volume and capacity. We have been learning to weigh the mass of objects in grams and kilograms, measuring the volume of liquids and discovering the capacity of different containers. 

In History, we learnt about Tenzing Norgay and Edmund Hillary. We had some amazing prior knowledge from some of the children, including that there are over 1000 flags at the top of Mount Everest with Edmund's and Tenzing's flag being the first. 

In PE, we have been learning about athletics. The children had the opportunity to watch clips of discus, shotput, relay and more! The children then took part in their own relay races, they learnt about the techniques of passing the baton. 

This half term in PSHE, we have been learning about being healthy. This week, we created healthy snacks to share as a class. We had learnt about the food groups and what impact they have on our bodies, we used this learning to explain how our snacks can help us. 

In assembly, we learnt about Ramadan. We would like to say Ramadan mubarak to our families celebrating. 

Well done for a fantastic week, have a lovely weekend. 

Spring 2 - Week 4 


This week in Penguin Class, we celebrated British Science Week. We started by sharing what we though science meant and which scientists we knew. This year's theme was connections, we spoke about what examples of connections we could think of. Our experiment involved connecting two cups of water, that had different food colouring in, by a piece of kitchen roll. We used primary colours. The children made predictions of what they thought would happen then set up and carried out their experiment. They were amazed to see the coloured water travel up the kitchen roll and when it connected, the primary colours mixed into secondary colours! We then had a thought, what would happen if we connected more than two cups? The children set up their next experiment, made their predictions and were fascinated by the results. 

Spring 2 - week 3


This week Penguin class have started a new unit in maths and have been learning all about length and height. The children have been measuring in both centimetres and metres whilst comparing and ordering different lengths and heights. In English we have been busy innovating texts though the use of repetition, expanded noun phrases, and similes. The children have also planned their very own warning tale using these techniques which they will be writing up next week!


In computing we have continued to look at different styles of art. This week we have been looking at pointillism and the children have enjoyed creating their very own pictures on Purple Mash using pointillism software. In History we have moved onto learning about a new explorer called Bessie Coleman. She was the first African American woman to achieve her pilots licence in the US and was famous for her flying stunt tricks. This half term in D&T the children will be making their very own moving monsters. This week the children learnt about linkages, levers and pivots. They made two types of linkages and will be continuing to develop their moving monster next week!


Have a great weekend :-)

Spring 2 - Week 2 


This week in Penguin Class, we became news reporters! The children worked together to share their knowledge and learning on Amelia Earhart to prepare and deliver a news report on the missing explorer. The children wowed us with the many facts they had remembered about her life. 

In Geography, we have started to learn about the oceans. We have been learning the names of the oceans and using our knowledge of the continents to describe their position. We have loved listening to this song to help us learn: 



On Friday, the children celebrated World Book Day! Whale Class looked absolutely fantastic in their costumes. We took part in quizzes about books, walked the Beauclerc catwalk in front of the whole school and recreated scenes from our favourite books!


Have a fantastic weekend!

Spring 2- Week 1


It was lovely to return to the classroom after the break, the children have all settled back in wonderfully.


This week Penguin class started off by looking through a box of clues. The children came to the conclusion that the clues were all items that explorers might use. This led us onto our new topic for this half term which is "Who were the famous explorers of our world?". 


In History we have started looking at our first explorer Amelia Earhart! The children have been learning about her life, about her being the first woman to fly across the Atlantic ocean and attempt to fly around the world! They found out that whilst she was on her mission she disappeared! They then investigated different theories about how her disappearance and came to their own conclusions. 


In English the children have started their new unit based on a story called 'Kassim and the Greedy Dragon'. They have been focussing on the use of adjectives, past tense verbs, nouns and expanded noun phrases. They have particularly enjoyed learning to retell the story through the use of our class story map.


In Maths the children have continued to look at division and multiplication. They have been doing lots of practical work, learning how to double and halve. They have also been looking at odd and even numbers and practiced counting in 2s and 10s which has been really helping them in the lessons. Next week we will move onto counting in 5s!


We are looking forward to world book day activities next week!

Have a lovely weekend :-) 

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