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Week 1

What a busy first week back! We hope you all had a lovely break.

In Maths, we have started to learn about position and direction. We have learnt the terms a full, half, quarter and three quarter to describe turns. We also looked at the terms left, right, forwards and backwards. Ladybirds then build on their directional language to include above and below.

In English, we have started to read a new story called Traction Man. We discussed our predictions for our new book. We looked closely at the illustrations in the book and started to retell the story using our own words. We looked at the book in more detail before cretaing and designing our own character and setting for our own story.

In Science, we are revisiting our learning on animals. We looked a variety of animals and then grouped them according to their characteristics.

This week we had our class assembly, we really enjoyed singing, dancing and speaking about our time in Year 1. I was very proud of Ladybirds for working brilliantly together to produce this assembly in 3 days.

Week 2

This week has been very exciting! Well done to all of Ladybird Class for completing their phonic screenings! They should all be very proud, I know I am!


In English, we continued with our story Traction Man. We looked at captions, speech bubbles and  using adjectives to describe both Traction Man and Scrubbing brush.

In Maths, we started looking at place value within 100. We looked at counting from 50 to 100, tens to 100 and we looked at partitioning numbers into tens and ones.

A large brown suitcase arrived in our classroom on Monday morning! Inside the suitcase were victorian toys which Ladybirds really enjoyed learning about.

In History, we began to look at toys from the past and toys in the present. We looked at the differences and similairites of toys from the past and the present.

In art, we continued to look at paper play using our Kapow scheme. Our objective was to shape paper to make 3D drawings. We learnt to fold and roll paper to create 3D shapes. We also looked how to arrange paper shapes or overlap paper strips to make a 3D drawing.

On Friday we celebrated Pjamarama day! We spent the day reading, enjoying and sharing stories in the comfort of our pjs so that we can raise money to help every child have a bedtime story.




Week 3

Thank you to everyone who came to the our school fair, it was lovely to see everyone enjoying it!

In English, we continued our Traction Man unit. This week we looked some more at predicting what we thought came next in the story. We looked at the features of a diary entry and then pretended to be Traction Man and wrote our own enteries.

In maths, we continued to look at place value within 100. We compared two numbers with the same number of tens and then any two numbers.

In science, we looked at human bodies and the senses. We looked at the senses and what sense is needed for different activites.

In DT,  we applied our paper shaping skills to make an imaginative sculpture. We tried to use at least 3 different techniques for shaping paper when creating our 'Trees of Life'.



Week 4

In English, we finished our Traction Man unit. We wrote about our favourite part of the story and why. We also created Traction Mans next adventure and drew a story map before we wrote the story.

In Maths, we started our money unit. We looked at the idead that groups can contain or represent the same number of things can be treated as ones. We then identified the values of different counters before transferring this understanind to coins.

In DT, we worked both cooperatively and independently to create our spiders. We created different parts of the spider sculpture and then used masking tape to secure parts of our sculpture together. We also learned that 3D sculptures can be created from a range of materials. Next we applied our painting skills and painted onto our 3D surfaces using different tools to paint our spiders (brushes, fingers and sponges).

Week 5

In English, we began our new unit 'Egg Box Dragon'. We listened to a character description of Egg Box Dragon. We had to listen carefully to the description before drawing what we heard. We then wrote sentences using adjectives and conjunctions. We have also predicted what we think will happen to Egg Box Dragon in the story.

In maths, we continued looking at money. We looked at recgonising coins, counting coins and then began to recognise notes. We compared using our comparision symbols coins and notes.

In history, we are still learning about toys from the past and we wrote about toy descriptions. 

We have started practising for sports day!

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