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MAGIC Habits

Meet B.Right & S.Parks - or as we call them Bright Sparks



At Beauclerc we teach the children about 5 MAGIC habits which lead to successful learners:


Habit 1 Memory

Being able to remember more helps you know more.  We work hard to help children develop their memory skills, by learning strategies, revising previous learning and linking current learning together with things they already know. We always try to make learning memorable so it sticks with us!  When you develop this habit and learn a few new ways to help you remember things you will notice just how much and how quickly you can learn.


Habit 2 Attitude

Your attitude is how you think and behave. It is important to have a ‘can-do’ attitude. This is about you taking some action when you need to and having a positive attitude. Some people get so good at this they can make themselves have a positive attitude, even in really tricky situations.  We encourage pupils to motivate and encourage each other, as this helps us to be happy, want to work hard and do your best. Having a positive attitude to make you a great learner.  When you get this habit you will find things easier because you approach them with a Growth mind-set and have Gumption!


Habit 3 Goals

Having Goals really helps us focus on the important things we need to do to achieve what we want.  It is important to have goals.  Teachers help children to think about their goals and next steps in learning, and when children get really good at it they can set their own goals and even break them down into small, manageable steps.  This habit will help develop resilience, (sticking with things) and gives courage to try new things to achieve your goals.


Habit 4 Imagination

Great thinkers have wonderful imaginations.  They can think creatively and approach challenges from a range of different angles.  People with amazing imaginations are not afraid to make mistakes, because they know that’s how we learn.  They learn from their marvellous mistakes.  People who have this habit know that they will become more confident because they are not frightened to take risks as these may lead to marvellous mistakes that will help you become cleverer as you get better at being able to think about and reflect on your own learning. When you have this habit you will know that if you can think it you can do it!  


Habit 5 Communication

In order to share your amazing thoughts and ideas you need to be able to work with and communicate well with a range of other people.  There are lots of different ways to communicate including speaking, writing, drawing, acting, singing and using Information Technology.  You may find you prefer some ways of communicating your thoughts and ideas over others, but it’s important to remember that really good communicators can use a range of different ways to show others what they are thinking, how they are feeling and what they are learning. This habit will help you to explain your thinking and ask the questions you need to help make your learning even better.

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