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Pupil Parliament

Each member of the Pupil Parliament represents a class in the school. We have meetings and make decisions about things that happen in our school. We always ask our classes about the things they want to be changed or done in their school. We really enjoy being on Pupil Parliament because we help the people in our school and the school environment.

Green Team


We have a very active Green Team at Beauclerc School. We meet at the beginning of every year to complete an environmental review of the school. From this, we create an action plan on what we think the school needs to focus on for the year. The Green Team then have a focus for each term.

Autumn Term 2019 – Power Rangers and Litter Patrol. Continued focus on saving energy around the school and keeping our school grounds litter free.

Spring Term 2020 – Waste Watchers.  Focus on reducing the amount of food waste at lunchtime.

Summer Term 2020 – Transport Team. Focus on greener travel. Encouraging families to park away from the school gates – park and stride. Continue to reduce Plastic usage in school.

We have Eco Warriors. Each week two children from each class are chosen to be Eco Warriors. Their role is to monitor their own classroom; checking lights are being switched off when they are not needed, as well as switching off the smartboards when they are not in use. They also monitor the recycling taking place in the classrooms, by checking that paper and card (as well as other recyclable materials) are put into the correct bins.

The children and staff at Beauclerc work very hard to make the school as eco-friendly as possible, and in recognition of all our efforts, we have been awarded the prestigious Eco-Schools Green Flag award. This is the highest possible level that can be achieved, so we are very pleased indeed!

These are some of the ‘Green’ things we do:

  • We have a Litter Patrol team who do regular litter picks to keep the grounds clean and tidy.
  • In our playground, we have fruit bins so that any fruit waste can be broken down into compost for use in the garden.
  • We have a school Eco-Code which is displayed around the school.
  • We take part in lots of campaigns, e.g. Switch off Fortnight, Waste Week, What’s under your feet? week.
  • We promote walking or cycling to school and encourage families to park and stride whenever possible.
  • Every year the whole school also takes part in the Golden Boot Challenge. During this time the children try to come to school in the most healthy and eco-friendly way they, such as walking, scooting or cycling, and the class which makes the greatest improvement over the challenge time receives the Golden Boot Award.
  • We also encourage healthy lunches; all the children have fruit daily as well as having access to water throughout the day.
  • We have a nature garden which we also use for Forest School. We have lots of plants which attract insects and creatures. We have minibeast hotels and bird boxes. We feed the birds and other wildlife.
  • In the Spring and Summer we try to grow our own fruit and vegetables in our vegetable patches.
  • We collect and recycle used batteries and ink cartridges.

As you can see, we do lots of fabulous things to help the environment and this is something the children and staff can all be proud of.

The Green Team members for 2019-2020 are:

Purple Class – Scarlett and Crystal
Yellow Class – Gracie and Ben
Red Class – Holly, Lily and Danny
Orange Class – Erin, Elena and Lilly
Blue Class – Harriet, Magnus and Toby

Beauclerc Eco-Code

Energy - Save it! Turn off the lights
Always turn off the taps - save water!
Reduce, Reuse and Recycle
Travel by foot, bike or scooter
Help keep our environment litter free!

Playground Buddies

“A buddy helps to look after children. We take people to the office if they are hurt. I like being a buddy because I like to help people.”

- Katie Millar

“A buddy has to keep an eye on the friendship bench. If people are on the friendship bench it means they are feeling a bit lonely. When I’m a buddy I help them to get friends, find new friends and play with people.”

- William Madden

“If someone falls over and it hurts a buddy can help them up and make sure they are ok. I like being a buddy because it is a great job to do. I like helping people and I want to help make this school a happy place.”

- Sienna Cuff

Litter Patrol

“We get to do litter patrol for one week. We wear special gloves and we carry a rubbish bag! We try our best to make sure the playground is litter free. When we tidy up indoors we use a dustpan and brush to sweep up. If we pick up paper we put it in the recycling bins, if we find fruit it goes in the green compost bins. I like being litter patrol because I like helping to save the environment and to make it a better place to live.”

- Megan Cowling

Playground monitors

“Playground monitors take the toys out of the shed and put them around the playground. Some of the toys we have are hula hoops, stilts, mega blocks, lego, balls, beanbags, hoopla, skipping ropes and a box of books to read. When it is ‘Toys away time’ we have to tidy up and put the toys away tidily in the shed. The best part of our job is when we see the children playing happily with the toys; the worst part of the job is trying to keep the shed tidy! Another part of our job is showing the younger children how to use some of the toys and give them some ideas for new games to play.”

- Stanley Whiterod and Jacobia Copperwheat